Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
You are talking to the first and ONLY person who has signed up to be a bike buddy for Bike to Work Week/Day LA in May 2011. As some of you know, I have been working hard to get a bicycle pit stop at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), where I work and ride to almost every day. I really hope it happens as there are a lot of people who bike to work at LACMA and lots of cyclists who ride through the Miracle Mile area. 

Anyhow, when I was searching for info on the bike pit stops for Bike to Work Day, I came across the Bike Buddy program, which is very similar to an HR initiative I'm working on with one of my bike enthusiast HR managers. So I went ahead an signed up. I love the idea of helping less experienced cyclists become comfortable with riding in the road and in traffic, helping them find safe routes to work, and in just GETTING MORE CYCLISTS ON THE ROAD! If you read my blog, I'm guessing you feel the same way. More cyclists on the road is better for us all, so it behooves all of us to mentor noobie bike commuters so they can make cycling a regular transportation mode in their lives. 

Remember, most noobies perceive that cycling is dangerous, usually because they don't know where there are bike lanes or neighborhood bike routes and low-traffic neighborhood streets. If we can mentor them, I think we will have another big surge in bicycle commuting this summer. 

So sign up and be a bike buddy!