Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
In October 2009, my bicycle got stolen shortly after I started this blog. Joe Linton, well-known bicycle advocate, offered to meet with me to look at a bike on Craigslist, and shortly thereafter, I owned my very first road bike. Things seemed to have snowballed after that: riding faster, long-distance rides, bike overnights, group rides, police chases, double centuries, learning all sorts of bicycle repairs, and making friends with cyclists from all walks of life, all ages, all attitudes, and a variety of bikes, all totally kicka$$. 

And now...I'm going to work in the nonprofit arm of the bicycle industry. How does that song thing leads to another? 

I have been offered an amazing opportunity to join the team at Adventure Cycling Association, and I've decided to take it. So the sad news is that I'm leaving LA. But this blog will continue, as I will continue to pursue the car-free lifestyle in Missoula, MT (and wherever else the road takes me). The awesome news is that I will basically get to combine a profession I excel at with my personal passion. Seriously, my life now gets to revolve around bicycling. I know, YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS. But it's okay, I have stickaz for you all. 

I am very sad to leave my special bike family in Los Angeles, from my K-town bike crew to the guys in the Wolfpack and other late night fast-paced rides and, of course, the never dull Los Angeles Critical Mass. I've met so many of you over the past couple of years, and I'd like a chance to see you all, so here's a short list of rides I plan on making before I depart from the City of Angels.

Wednesday, April 27: The Ride Formerly Known as Silverlake (it's my birthday!!!)--RESCHEDULED probably 5/3 now.
Friday, April 30: Los Angeles Critical Mass
Monday, May 9: Wolfpack Hustle
Saturday, May 14: The Ride With No Name

Check out for times/locations and demeanor of rides.