Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
On day two of our overnight shakedown, we went on a nice hike up Bass Creek, where Astro was expected to carry his own gear. Then we rode into Stevensville, about a 15 mile round trip, for burgers and beer and to pick-up groceries for dinner and the next morning's breakfast. 

Here are some pics from the hike. It was gorgeous. Tree shade almost the whole way. We didn't hike all the way up to the waterfall, but I highly recommend a pack lunch and going all the way up. 

Later that day, we hunkered down in the shade and rested. Astro got tired of the flies and got up and walked over to our tent and looked back and me, and waited. So I got up to see what he wanted, and let him in the tent. He got in the tent, laid down, then looked at me as if to say "close the screen and keep the flies out!" He hung out on his own for about 2 hours. He's so funny. 

The next day we got up early, packed up, and headed back to Missoula. My colleague Arlen seemed a little impressed at how well I handled the hills with all the weight. That's because I'm so awesome. And so is Astro. 

In preparation for a week-long self-contained bicycle trip in a couple weeks, Astro and I re-scheduled our 'shakedown' overnight. The purpose of a shakedown ride is to figure out anything that might not be working logistically or mechanically with the bike and if there is any additional equipment needed. For ours, we went down into the Bitteroot to Bass Creek, camped for two days, then rode back. 

Day One: Getting there