Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
For those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I've been riding around Los Angeles  this week trying to put together a superhero costume. Last night I found my cape and mask at Hollywood Toys and Costumes. It was an amazingly fun shopping experience, magnified by the fun of riding up La Brea to Hollywood Blvd, then zooming through the traffic on Hollywood Blvd whilst enjoying the lights and glam of the strip.

The shop was packed, but the service was still great. It was ask and have. I somehow had it in my head that I would have to search through lots of stuff for what I needed but it just wasn't so. I asked the first person I saw for masks, and they pointed me to a sales associate behind a glass casing FILLED with all sorts of different eye masks and mardi gras masks. I almost forgot I was there for a black eye mask and went for a feathered mardi gras mask. But alas, I reminded myself to stay on task. Once I selected my mask, I asked the associate where I could find a black cape, thinking that he would just shrug and tell me to search through a bin or something. He pointed to an associate across the room behind a counter. So I went to that man and asked him for a black cape. He turned around, grabbed one off the wall, and handed it to me. And that was it. Five minutes in a store that had exactly what I needed! Thanks Hollywood Toys and Costumes!

However, I still have to go to Mood during lunch today and pick up some felt or fabric paint or something to create my logo. Hollywood Toys and Costumes is not a fabric store, so don't go there thinking you'll find fabric paint or stuff to create crafts with.

So I decided to be a superhero because there is a whole superhero theme going on at LACMA right now. I am going to wear a black leotard and leggings, with black boots, my black cape with white glowing logo on it. The logo is a bicycle. I am "bike girl" or  "cycle chic" but those names are already taken. So I need everyone to suggest names that have the word "bike", "cycle", "bicycle", etc. in it so when I show up to the Los Angeles Critical Mass Halloween ride tomorrow, I can tell people who I am. Please help!

And if you're not doing anything tomorrow night at 700pm, meet up on your bike with lights at the Wilshire/Western Metro station and join the ride. Come in costume; it's going to be loads of fun!


10/29/2009 07:55

Here are some words to think about:

bike, cycle, velocipede

babe, chick, girl, broad, dame

Someone come up with something interesting and cool.

10/22/2011 14:44

you can look up lots of cool stuff on yoUTUBE and are you hot

from cameron clarke to whats your name xoxoxox


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