Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Well, fuck!

Yes, pardon the language. But in the 4 hours since I locked my bike up in front of LACMA West it has been stolen. The bike itself wasn’t worth much, but it had my lovely collapseable baskets on it. And I don’t know when I can afford to purchase another one. Geez. If anyone has a loaner they want to loan me for a few days, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll bake you cookies.

If you see this bike

Please let me know at and let me know where you saw it, who was riding it, etc.


Mondays suck.



I’m really upset, you know, because for us it’s equivelant to having a car stolen. The police were actually sympathetic when I made the report, but they said it would take a little while for the detective to call. LACMA security is being totally awesome and reviewing the video footage right now. They have me locking it up this morning, so hopefully they have the thief on video too.

I will miss my blue Huffy (yes the one in my pics) but I’m going to look at this not as a bad situation, but as an opportunity to buy a new bike, one with gears and brakes that actually work!
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