Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Below are some pics from the first Girls Only Ride, in which Rachel and I braved Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica up past Malibu and through Latigo Canyon Road. Aside from me starting the ride by being harassed by a motorist who proved her own entitled and unsafe attitude by pulling up next to me and yelling at me (will go into detail in next blog post) and blowing my rear tire out, it was a pretty great 82 miles. Can't wait for the 100+ on Saturday!

Just a few things to note: PCH was a breeze. I was very nervous to ride it after all the stories I've heard, but there was very light motorist traffic, and the motorists that did pass us were, for the most part, sharing the road. What I'll remember most about this ride is the trek back to Santa Monica. The sun set as we came down Latigo Canyon Road (we turned our lights on) and as we came down PCH, there would be stretches where no cars or trucks were passing us. In those moments, I could hear (and see) the waves crashing on the rocks of the beach. The view was breath-takingly beautiful too. It was enough to make me forget everything and be completely in the moment.


11/28/2009 19:06

Beautiful pictures. Your blog new home is lovely.


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