Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
This past Monday I performed at the Electric Lodge in Venice. This meant I would have to go straight from work in Hancock Park to Venice and Abbot Kinney. I would need to pack my work clothes and costume as well as carry along my tripod for my camera, because of course I'm videoing my performance! So I packed everything into my trunk/pannier and strapped the tripod on top. It was all actually very secure, and I was pretty impressed with myself. On the ride to work I had zero problems with all the stuff on my bike, and by the time I got to work (20 minute ride) I was singing the "I love my bike" song. 

After work I hopped on my bike and down Fairfax to Venice Boulevard, where I proceeded down the bike lane to Venice. It took me about an hour. No huge problems with the  maniac drivers of LA, but I could see the fog already rolling in.

I did my tech then changed into costume. The show started at 7:45pm; I performed 3rd in the lineup. Afterwards, I had great feedback on my performance. Audience members consistently mentioned how moving and powerful the solo was. One person also called it frightening (in a good way). 

At about 10:15pm I started the trek back to Koreatown. It was a little scary because the visibility was down to yards because of the fog, but about 11:45pm I pulled into my garage, made my way inside, and collapsed on my bed. I love that I didn't have to wait on a bus or anything. As my friend Rachel says: BIKE=FREEDOM!

Below is the video of me at Max 10. The working title of the solo is "Suicide Cluster." The video is a little dark, but watch it through to the end. I promise you'll get some classic Amanda gestures.



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