Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Me on Angeles Crest Highway courtesy of Ohaijoe, see how I'm almost as high as the mountains behind me?
Stuck on Mount Disappointment...that seems to be the story of my life. And alas, on Veteran's Day, the K-Town Bike Crew (myself, Joe, Rachel, and friend) departed Silverlake in search of mountain climbing elevations and Mount Wilson Observatory, which sits atop 5700 feet of elevation on Mount Wilson. Before you get to Mount Wilson, you must climb not only hills in La Canada-Flintridge, but Mount Disappointment. Unfortunately, as we crossed onto Angeles Crest Highway, starting the climb up Mount Disappointment, we discovered that ACH was closed. I'm sure you're asking "why didn't you check to make sure ACH was open?" Well, duh! Of course I checked the route with the LA Department of Transportation and other authorities. It was not listed as closed anywhere.

So we approached the "Road Closed" signs, and Rachel and I waited while the men rode up ahead to see if the road was truly closed. A cop was sleeping in his car, with his head on his shotgun, about half a mile up. He was supposed to be guarding the pass. When he awoke and confirmed that the road was closed, we decided to enjoy the coast down hill and head to Griffith Park Observatory. 

All that uphill cycling was worth it when I watched my speedometer hit 35 miles per hour as I coasted down first ACH and then Chevy Chase Drive. Below are some pics from the trip. We're going to try to go up to the top again after the first of the year, weather permitting (on a day when it's not snowing, preferably). 

FYI, the route is posted on the training blog at Pictures after the jump!
From the side of Mount Disappointment
From the Griffith Park Observatory also courtesy Ohaijoe
For all my FL friends, you're all jealous that I have a view of this sign from my apartment, aren't you? This pic is taken from Griffith Park though, pretty much in the same eye-line.




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