Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
I've decided I will post every day this week, come hell or high water. Hell will probably be first considering this is LA, and even though it rained last week, we are still in a drought.

So, very quickly, I thought I'd recount my commute this morning (even though I do have some stories from previous bike rides in November and December that I haven't gotten to yet--no time for that now though). The temperature is up to about 55 degrees in the mornings now, and we're supposed to hit at least 60F everyday this week. The ride was brisk and lovely, as I got out early enough to dodge a lot of traffic that comes out after 9am, so I was able to really "get the lead out" and book it. I actually made record time--20 minutes from pedal begin to pedal stop.

The nicest part (yes, and smuggest part) of my ride was on 4th street after I passed La Brea. The street is very narrow there, and cars don't have room to pass. There were about 4 cars stopped and waiting behind a  garbage truck, while the workers picked up the garbage cans lining the street. I pulled to the left to see if there was oncoming traffic, then whizzed past all of them thinking, "SUCKAZZ!" Regardless of any little motorist mistreatments on the way in, that moment totally made the morning's ride for me.


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