Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
I promise, I promise, I promise! I will catch up to everything soon! I have video to post, route updates, plus I need to work on my Grand Canyon route! I did my first overnighter this weekend (190 miles total), and I want to write about that too! I just need to set aside a short block of time each day to get this stuff done, but oh so busy! 

Did I mention I had a bike date too? And it actually lead to a second date (tonight actually)?! New post tomorrow on car-free life, I promise!


01/20/2010 08:23

Hi Amanda,

I am a news producer at Channel Four News, and a budding cyclist. I am doing research into a possible story about rising bike thefts in LA and saw your post on lastreetsblog about how thieves stole your bike and the lapd did nothing even though you have video of the theft. Do you still have that video available?

Daisy Lin


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