Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
So on Thursday I bit the bullet and enjoyed the hospitality of Metro Line #16. The bus was strangely empty. (I assumed with the rain that all of us who walk or ride would be cramming on with all the bus-riding regulars.) I have to walk five or six blocks from the bus stop to work (and the reverse in the evening), and on the way back to the bus stop, amidst the thunder and rain, my umbrella stopped protecting my head and became a side fender. Fairfax was so flooded that every car that passed me inadvertently (or advertently) sent a wave of rain water at me. (Thank goodness I have a huge rain/cold weather coat that my mother bought me many years ago and that I didn't throw out!)

Today I saw blue sky and decided to chance the ride...Part of me desperately wants to write about the guy who failed to yield the right of way to me (I was able to stop in time, so I wasn't in danger) because it's so absolutely frustrating and irritating, but I also feel like it's just a repeat of the same old story. Negligent driver, moving vehicle violation, me mad...Sigh...

I've decided I'm going to purchase some sort of loud horn to get these jerks' attention when they make these infractions. I think the most irritating part is that no matter how much I wave my arms, etc., THEY NEVER EVEN LOOK AROUND OR SEE ME! It's one thing to make a mistake and recognize that, "WOW! I could've hit that person, I should be more careful." (I can clearly recall a few moments like that from my past life as a motorist.) It's an entirely different thing to be totally oblivious to anything else on the road. We all have a responsibility to watch out for ALL other road users. (Oh crap, here I am, preaching to the choir.)

On another note, for about 3 blocks a woman in an older white Camry or Accord waited patiently to pass me. I was very consciously taking the lane (somewhat to prevent her from right-hooking me), and she was patient, and the second I had the chance, I coasted to the right and waved her around me. Sadly, I noticed she was talking into her phone like a walkie-talkie. At least she was driving slowly? I wanted to say, "Yea! There are considerate drivers out there!" And then I saw her on the phone...Now I'm torn.


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