Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
So much has happened since the holidays, and I haven't kept up with posting very well. I still have to do an update about my successful Century Ride, I have a post on hold about the benefits of cross-training dance and cycling, and I need to post the video from a work-in-progress showing from my performance at Max 10 this past Monday. Speaking of...

Unfortunately in preparation for that performance and the performance itself (and the ride home) I fully strained my right quad and my left quad to a lesser extend--in the area of Oh-My-Goodness-I-Can't-Walk Land. My left quad is pretty much healed, and I think by tomorrow the right one will be ready to ride as well. Hence, I have only been on my bike ONE FREAKING DAY in 2010, logging approximately 25 miles that day. It's very upsetting. After the Wolfpack debacle, I had a lot of inquiries and offers to ride with some different women's groups and just other women who want to ride, which was extremely encouraging. Unfortunately, AGAIN, I haven't been able to take up anyone on those offers due to, first, preparing for a last minute performance, and, now, recovering from said performance.

I hope to be back on my bike tomorrow. See you all out there!


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