Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Regardless of the torrential rainstorms plundering Los Angeles this week, I have ridden to work both on Tuesday and today. Tuesday was no problem. I managed to get into work and home during huge windows in the rain. I didn't notice any particularly unusual negligent driving from motorists, just the usual stuff, right hooks, illegal passes, failure to yield the right of way, etc., but all these infractions I was able to predict. Even on the ride into work on Wednesday, I felt pretty safe. 

Then the storm hit.
After I got into work on Wednesday the third storm hit, and it was massive. I don't think I've ever seen rain like that in California. When I lived in Florida it was like that all the time, but here in the Golden State? This was certainly a first for me.

Around 5:15pm there was a break in the rain, and with my boss's blessing, I made a run for it. Now, the whole way home I barely had a few sprinkles hit my face. It was no different than riding in the morning...except all the motorists became completely insane maniacs. 

After the third driver failed to yield the right of way (in fact didn't even stop and look both ways at a four way stop) I began to wonder if they had all been instructed to wear blindfolds while they drive. I'm used to seeing traffic infractions, but this was downright ridiculous. You would think people would be MORE careful when driving in less than perfect conditions, not so. People were speeding down residential roads, speeding up and slamming on their brakes for stop signs, running stop signs as if they had never heard of one, driving without their lights on, etc. Okay, so this is all normal stuff, but the thing is, even when people don't see me, when I start screaming and shouting at them, it registers on their brains that I'm there. These people didn't see me as I slammed on my brakes, two inches from their driver side window and waved my arms at them. Didn't even look me way or notice me! 

So I checked my lights, and they were functioning. Did I become invisible? Should someone come over to my apartment and see if I still exist?

Here's my dilemma, while the rain isn't driving me off the road, the scary drivers are. But I also don't want to not ride simply because there are people out there who make the roads unsafe. Isn't this the argument that we make all the time? I don't know. I want to ride, but I was seriously nervous this evening. 

Thoughts anyone?
On another note, this little guy was hanging out by my front door. He was soaked through. Guess he just needed a place to ride out the inclimate weather. 



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