Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
So...on December 25, 2009 I rode my first century. On January 14th I pushed to about 115 miles, then followed that up with 75 miles on January 15th (the next day!). 

This weekend I'm going to attempt to roll 150 miles in approximately 12.5 hours. I will be tweeting along the way...I'll be following up with post about the ride later. 

Below is my rather ambitious schedule...

Entering LA River Route at 6am, complete the 30 mile stretch to Long Beach by 8am, and the 15 miles from the LBC to Huntington Beach by 9am. Then I get a 15 minute break to cry, eat, drink water, then cry a little more. By 1015am I will be entering Laguna Hell, I'm hoping by 1115am I will have conquered the 8.8 miles of rolling hills. Based on past experience, I should be able to handle it. By Noon I will be entering San Onofre State Beach territory, and at that point I will find a park bench, vomit, cry, eat, vomit, cry, and drink some gatorade...not necessarily in that order. I will be out of San Onofre and entering Pendleton at 130pm (maybe I'll stop to vomit on the base) in Oceanside by 215, going through Solano Beach by 315 and hitting the hills in La Jolla by 415...ish. I expect to be at the train station around 6...although it all depends on how many times I have to stop and cry. (I'm only sort of joking about the crying thing. The last Century was so rough I almost did cry out of sheer exhaustion.) 

So I'll see you on the other side of 150 miles...the San Diego side. 


02/25/2010 16:03

Good luck! Don't drink your Gatorade before vomiting. It'll be a waste.

Will Campbell
02/25/2010 16:11

Rock. And. Roll!

PS. Great seeing you yesterday!


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