Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Last week and Monday, all the parts I had won or ordered via eBay or online stores arrived. Last night, I attached the Shimano Sora shifters to the handlebars and installed pink grip tape. Tonight I'm hoping to plow my way through the rest of the job...think I might need a few beers to enjoy while doing so. I do have pics of handlebars with shifters and grip tape. Just no time to post them right now.

Here's tonight's to-do list (in no particular order)
1) Pick up chain tool, some missing bolts and screws, cable housing, new brake shoes, and brake cables from 3rd St. Bike Shop
2) Install front & rear derailleurs
3) Install brakes and new brake shoes
4) Install shifter & brake cables
5) Install chain
6) Adjust derailleurs
7) Install pink toe cages
8) Install pink tires
9) Install bicycle seat
10) Install pink water bottle cages
11) Remove rear rack from Death Machine, install on GoFast
12) Remove cyclocomputer from Death Machine, install on GoFast

So yes, I will be working all night on the bike. I will probably fall asleep on the yoga mat next to my bike work station. I don't care. On Wednesday night, I want to take her out for a test spin.


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