Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Some of you who follow me on Twitter know that the last few weeks I've been on a desperate search for wheels. Bicycle wheels, to be exact: 700c preferably, with a 7 speed cassette. After weeks scouring Craigslist and eBay and asking around, I finally sauntered into the Bike Shop on 3rd Street (near Alexandria). It's owned by a nice Korean family, and they always do good by me. 

I noticed they had one used freewheel hanging up. The young lady took it down and confirmed that it indeed was a 700c with a 7 speed cassette. I squealed. I told them I was so happy I came to them, and it just confirmed how much I like supporting my local bike shop. They expressed their happiness to have loyal customers. 

Anyways, they located a matching front wheel, and after the young lady conferred with her father, they set a price at $70. I probably could've bargained, but they always do right by me, and after the searching and searching I've done, I was willing to be a little overcharged. At the same time, I asked if the had a used working downtube shifter, 3x7 for my friend @cyclo_astro's Rike (Red Bike), and they threw it in for $10. 

I highly recommend this little Bike Shop. They do repairs on the spot, and they are willing to make some deals. Anyhow, below are some pictures documenting the process of putting together GoFast. (The new bike is named GoFast.)


05/11/2010 08:00

So pretty.

05/16/2010 23:01

Is this your way of saying in a roundabout way that you're now being sponsored by GoFast energy drinks?



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