Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
I wish I had taken pictures along the way of the whole chain fiasco. So here we go:

Step 1: Order a pink bicycle chain from a seller on eBay. 
Step 2: Buy chain break tool from Catalina Bicycles on 3rd Street and Catalina.
Step 3: Watch tutorial on how to use a chain break tool on 
Step 4: Completely disregard tutorial as follows:
a) Tutorial says to turn handle of chain break tool until pin comes almost all the way out but not all the way.
b) Drink glass of Diet Pepsi and Bicardi Select Rum
c) Break chain
d) Don't take rear wheel off
e) Spend an hour fighting with rear derailleur, chainring, and chain
f) Get fed up and leave for next day
Step 5: On 2nd day of chain installation, realize that you're an idiot and take freewheel off. 
Step 6: Begin to put chain together, stop paying attention because you're watching Star Trek, and push pin all the way through the other side
Step 7: Smack yourself upside the head
Step 8: Use needle nose pliers to hold pin while hammering pin back into chain link
Step 9: Repeat Steps 6 through 8 three times.
Step 10: Take a deep breath, pay attention, and push pin into chain link slowly and successfully. 

End result:
I actually ended up taking out a few links after this episode too. So it doesn't quite look this loose anymore.


05/26/2010 19:38

We all have to push the pin too far a few times before we learn to be careful. I still do it on a regular basis. Pretty colors BTW. Please upgrade those brakes soon though.

05/26/2010 19:43

What do you suggest I upgrade to? The front brake is brand new, side pull. Rear brake is pretty functional, needs some adjusting, but it's sufficient.

Thanks for advice!

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