Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Wow, so much has happened in the past month, and I haven't had much time to blog (otherwise you would have gotten an update by now!). Anyhow, let's turn back the clock and look back to a quieter, simpler day before May 2010 Los Angeles Critical Mass...

GoFast was in a semi-ridable state. All parts attached. Brake cables installed, rear derailleur cable installed. I was still in need of a solution for the front derailleur. To refresh your memory (I can't remember if I even told this story) the shifters I bought were indexed, which, in the end, meant I needed cable barrel adjusters on both the front and rear derailleurs. However, I needed something to clamp the cables and barrel adjusters to the downtube with. A twitter friend (@jhvu) suggested I use the clamp from a downtube derailleur and screwed the cable barrel adjusters onto it. 

So I rode the bike from work to the Bikerowave in Venice/Mar Vista, and got there just as they were opening. An excellent and knowledgeable mechanic named Mike was there, and I explained to him the bike build project, and what was left to be done. I explained to him the solution for the front derailleur, and we set to work digging through downtube shifters for a clamp that would work. And what do you know??? We found one. 

However, since I only had one cable barrel adjuster, we decided to put that on the downtube clamp for the rear derailleur, and the one I had ordered online would be used on the front derailleur once it came in. So I left on 7 gears instead of 21, but all I had to do was install. The clamp was on, all I needed was another cable barrel adjuster (which isn't a common used part to come by). In addition, while there, I re-routed my rear brake cable, trued the rear wheel and installed some new spokes, AND Mike taught me how to use a presta valve. And the total bill? I think it was about $27. Plus my friend @cyclo_astro came by with beer and cupcakes for all. It was a pretty awesome night, when I left the bike was totally ridable, and I had learned a lot. 

I also want to give Mike a HUGE shout out, because not only was he helping me, in my needy state (I was building a bike, for god's sake), and like 10 other people throughout the course of the night, sometimes answering questions from 3 people at once. I'm just saying, a guy that knows that much about bikes...totally hot! 

Below are pictures from my night at the Bikerowave, which I will be visiting again soon to re-true my rear wheel and another secret project I will unveil soon. 

If you click on the first image, it will open the slideshow so you can see the captions on each pic.
Since my visit to the Bikerowave, I have changed the tires to higher quality (yeah those barbie tires last like a day), and I'm changing the color scheme slightly--have decided to go with black bar tape instead of pink. What can I say, it's a continual work in progress.


06/25/2010 12:33

OMG take that dorky pic of me down now, Umanda!

Hooray for Bikerowave love, come back and hang oot sometime.

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