Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Wake up eat bike work bike eat bike BIKE FAST eat bike sleep wake up eat bike work bike eat bike BIKE FAST eat bike sleep wake up eat bike work bike eat bike BIKE FAST bike....I think you get the picture. Clearly there are some things missing from my life, but biking isn't one of them! 

I've been out riding fast at night lately, with lots of speedy guys. New posts coming up soon! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this! 


dayone (MR)
08/24/2010 11:00

I saw you on MR and linked up to your blog, pretty cool....i just have a couple of quick questions....

is it really fast? how late does it get back to the starting location? what type of bicycles are at this ride... only road bikes or are there some fixed gears?
just want to say that you must bemonster on a bicycle....

08/24/2010 11:07

Hi Dayone,

Not sure what ride you are referring to. Are you asking questions about Wolfpack Hustle or the upcoming French Fryde?

Wolfpack is definitely a fast-paced ride. You'll go as fast as you possibly can. They do end at the start up point. You can check out more info on the ride listing on

If your questions are about the French Fryde, I'll be doing a post about it soon. It's a medium paced, chill ride, and you can ride whatever kind of bike you want. The start and end points are different though near each other.

08/24/2010 16:00

my questions were on the wolfpack hustle.... i did not want to ask on MR because of all the trolling that goes with the territory.... I did check out the long long WPH thread and they tell riders to just show up... i guess my concern is if i get dropped so be it, but if i am able to keep up, how late does the ride generally get back? I've talked to roadblock but he makes it seem like it is a piece of cake....if the ride starts at 10pm what time do you get back, midnight... 1am? 2am?

thanks and keep riding safe


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