Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Dear big rig driver who was clearly turning onto a street that is not big enough for a big rig. Please do not intentionally accelerate towards me when you are stopped, and I am attempting to get your license plate number. You do not have the right to kill me. I am guessing you are an unlicensed big rig driver--since you seem to not know how to navigate such a large vehicle. Don't worry though, I notified LAPD of your driving and filed a report that will be filed as an Attempted Assault with a Vehicle. We may not catch you, but I've started a paper trail for you. Hopefully you'll shape up, but if you don't, you can share cell space with Dr. Christopher Thompson.

To my peeps: more details on my brush with great beyond later.

To LAPD: thank you for taking the report, being patient, and understanding the seriousness of what happened.     

Correction: On the original post I erroneously mentioned Dr. Alex Thompson rather than Dr. Christopher Thompson as serving time for using his vehicle as a deadly weapon. My apologies to Alex, who is a devoted bicycle advocate and would never intentionally using a vehicle as a weapon against another human being as the aforementioned Dr. Christopher Thompson or my bad big rig driver from this morning. Thank you, @bikinginla, for the correction!


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