Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
Don't worry, I won't do this too often, but I wanted to reach out to my readers and inform you of a very important project being led by Adventure Cycling Association--the U.S. Bicycle Route System. You can read all about the project here: and you can join the Facebook page here: In the meantime, help me raise a little money to support Adventure Cycling Association's efforts to bring this dream to reality! Come on! Show me just how much you love your bike! And if you don't own a bike, show me how much you love the cyclists in your family by giving them a great network of routes that traverse the United States.


09/07/2011 23:28

Biking is a form of good exercise. It helps us to burn more fats in just a matter of minutes.

11/13/2011 13:45

Cars have, over the years become one of the most integral parts of human life. Many people try doing modifications to their cars from time to time.


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