Life Without Wheels: Chronicle of a Car-Free Lifestyle
After testing my legs and wrists against the hills of Griffith Park this coming weekend, a friend and I will test our wills and brakes against Los Angeles Crest Highway and the trip to Mount Wilson Observatory (map displayed below) on Veteran's Day. If you check out the elevation feature, you'll see that it travels up about 5700 feet and the last 15 miles range from 5% to 7% grades. The best thing about this trip is going to be the coasting down a 7% grade we're going to earn on the way up and the hot shower when we get home. 

If you're interested in joining in the misery, contact me via Twitter (danceralamode). 
Well, it turned out I got lost a few times while on my hill training on Sunday. It's okay though, the more miles, the better right? 

I'll be taking another crack at Griffith Park hills this weekend. DM me on Twitter if you're interested in hill training in Griffith Park. 
This blog is to record my training rides as I work up to the Le Grand Tour. I'm always looking for training ride buddies, so follow me on Twitter as danceralamode to hear when I'll be training and meet up with me!